Serial Killers: Are They Born Or Made?. There Are Multiple

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Serial Killers: Are They Born or Made?
There are multiple theories as to why or how a person can become a serial killer. A serial killer can be a person who murders at least three or more people over a long period of time (Ramsland). Are serial killers born with the need to kill or is it a result of a horrific childhood? These two concepts are associated with the nature vs. nurture theory. “People on the side of nurture are of the opinion that our environment determines who a person is and becomes” (Salvatore). Whereas, “Theories that base their understanding of human behavior on ‘nature,’ focus on characteristics that we are born with, like our genetic make-up, stable personality traits, and physical predispositions” (Salvatore). What’s
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When the connectivity between these two regions is low, the process of feeling negative stimuli does not occur. This means they don’t feel embarrassed when they are caught doing something wrong because their brain simply thinks it’s okay. Although they can feel physical pain, they do not feel bad when they see other people suffer. As this brain abnormality in most cases of psychopathic criminals is not abruptly acquired, there is a good reason to think that it 's grounded in the psychopath 's DNA. This would be an example of how genetics can take control of their chaotic ways.
According to former chief of the FBI 's Elite Serial Crime Unit, John Douglas, “There are 25 to 50 active serial killers in the United States at any given moment. Today. Right now” (Moss). Those numbers may seem small since there are billions of people in the world, but just remember they are killing almost up to 100 people each. Of these 25 to 50 serial killers, there are two in specific that display an example between being born or made a killer.
According to John Wayne Gacy’s Biography, he was a malicious serial killer throughout the 52 years of his life. As a child, he was abused by his father both physically and mentally. Gacy was known as a social guy and often volunteered at local charitable events and even at children’s birthday parties

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