Serial Killers : Born Or Created?

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Chloe Rice Mrs. Powell English 1020 13 April 17 Serial Killers: Born or Created? Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do? Everyday we question ourselves about activities we see others performing and wonder what could possibly be their reasoning behind it all. Asking more questions is something we should all be doing. Some researchers have taken this curiosity to the next level and have asked themselves “Are serial killers born or created?” Are the actions of these psychopaths brought on by different events, or are they simply born with the ability to take another person 's life? These are the million dollar questions that everyone should be asking about serial killers. Something is different about those who are capable…show more content…
These disorders are believed to be the leading cause of serial killing because they are abnormal mutations in the brain. These deformities have been proven through technology. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (or an MRI) has been used to look into the minds of these psychopaths, which allows scientist to evaluate the brains of serial killers and take note of the things that are not quite normal. Sean Martin discusses in his article that neuroimages “found diminished activity in areas of the brain are linked to self-awareness.” Self-awareness is the processing of emotions and sensitivity to violence. (Sean Martin). The article tells us that the findings on these scans propose that several people who are being punished for their crimes at the moment cannot control their behaviors. This shows these people are experiencing different disorders that need treatment. Also in the article, Graeme Fairchild states that he found adolescents with violent tendencies had a shrunken amygdala, which is the part of the brain that controls emotions and morality. These brain scans simply show that people with disorders are not actually killing others to be harmful and horrific human beings, but because they can not actually control themselves or the way they feel when performing these actions. According to, Jim Fallon, a neurologist, also studied brain scans and compared them to his sons brain, as well as his own. These scans showed
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