Essay about Serial Killers Modus Operandi

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Serial Killers' Modus Operandi A plethora of serial killers, dead and undead, have been most horrifying in their methods. There are several types of serial killers, some have been caught while others continue to haunt their surroundings. There are several approaches in categorizing serial killers. One method requires examination of the crime scene, the other requires counseling with the serial killer. In profiling a serial killer, law enforcers realize that serial killers are not unlike regular people; there are several exceptions like schizophrenics but most of them look like everyone else. Serial killers, often, do not just kill, they might also eat their victims, torture, or rape them, and then they finish them off. A serial killer is…show more content…
Jeff Lindsay describes this voice as the dark passenger in his famous Dexter series of novels; a voice that cannot be ignored. David Berkowitz, also known as Son of Sam, claims that a demon gave him orders to kill via a neighbor's dog. Berkowitz is regarded as an act-focused serial killer, more specifically, a visionary. Process-focused is composed of hedonists, who kill for pleasures – lust, thrill, and gain – and power-seeking killers who wish to control, with a predilection to manipulate mortality. As special as serial killers are, they often fall into more than one category, Berkowitz for example was also a thrill killer who enjoyed the excitement of the kill. Berkowitz is distinguished as a hedonistic and a visionary serial killer. An example for a power-seeking serial killer would be Ted Bundy who sought to control women by raping them, although rape is characterized as a lustful act, it is also seen as a way as controlling by coercing, thus power-seeking. Both types include a rife amount of serial killers. There are many types of serial killers, but they often share similar traits in their personality and character. Traits found in serial killers are broken down into organized or disorganized. For example, an organized serial killer is known to maintain angelic hygiene and practices diligent homemaking, whereas a disorganized serial killer lacks in those areas. John Wayne Gacy, also known as the killer clown, is considered to be an organized serial killer who
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