Serial Killers Nature Versus Nurture

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Serial Killers Nature versus Nurture Serial killers can be born pure with the same mindset as any other baby in the world, their upbringing in the world makes all the difference of who they will become in the near future. Although many people believe serial killers are born, it is their environment that shapes them into who they will become when they grow into adults. Serial killings can be described as two or more murders committed as separate events, usually by one offender acting alone over a period of time. These range between from hours to years depending on how long the killers can go before the police can catch them in the act. Their motives may be different to anyone but their main cause can be a psychological problem in their…show more content…
People who may have experienced this as a child may feel the need to build a world in fantasy where they have complete control over what happens in their world since they did not have much control as children. These fantasies are acted out in a violent crime, often leading to sexual content. The world based fantasy can be known as a protective measure for the killer to protect them from getting hurt more. The killer often feels satisfied after the crime and will relax for a while before they will strike again. Sadly it will only be a matter of time before the killer feels the need to strike again and search for another victim. Many killers are most likely in their mid-twenties, and they like to murder their own color in the article, Serial Killers, they stated “Most serial killers are male between their mid-twenties to their thirties. Most murders of this kind do not cross racial lines; whites tend to murder whites and blacks murder blacks, etc. Most serial killers begin by hunting down victims close to home (Serial Killers).” The serial killer will try to understand the victim’s lifestyle and their habits, behaviors that will explain more about his target and why the killer would choose this particular person to attack. Some victims are at a higher risk than others depending and how their life is. If they go out at night and pick up random strangers, they are making
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