Serial Killers

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Introduction One of the bigger controversies today is the debate over nature versus nurture. With that debate going on there are many topics that are being researched under it, like serial killers, and what drives them to do what they do. Many scientists are still researching whether or not if serial killers are driven by the way they were raised or if it is a part of their genes. This literature review will analyze what people think about the nature versus nurture debate. It will talk about the nature side and the nurture side of the debate. What is a serial killer? Eric Hickey (2012) in “Serial Killers: Defining Serial Murder” defines what a serial killer is exactly. In the article the Hickey describes serial killers are usually…show more content…
Kelsey Henry in “Psychological perspectives on free will vs. determinism and nature v. nurture” states that according to this theory, physical matter is subject to the laws of science while the human mind does not abide by any natural law. This concept remained the basis of scientific thought for some time until modern science proved that some behavior has a biological basis and some personality traits are passed down through genetics. Nurture The nurture part of the debate is how the person was raised. The national center for crisis posted article “Serial killers: nature vs. nurture. How serial killer are born” going into detail about the crimes that have happened and if it was connected to their past and if they were abused at a young age. The serial killer may have been beat when they were young and they learned from their parents. Larson in “Serial murderers: The Construction” states that socialization is said to begin after birth. The social learning theory is a theory that uses the childhood of serial offenders to identify the main reasons for causation. The social learning theory examines the offender’s past for clues in explaining aggressive behavior. The central idea of this theory is the relation of childhood victimization or observation of violent acts to future activities in criminal behavior. According to Hickey, stress caused by childhood traumatization may be a trigger to criminal behavior in adulthood. It
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