Serial Killers : The Green River Killer

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Serial murders are considered to be one of the most heinous and formidable crimes that can be committed, even though serial murders account for less than one percent of all crimes committed in a given year. Serial murders further appalls society in that these killers do not possess any of the basic human emotions such as, empathy, conscious, or remorse. Throughout the decades, the fascination of serial killers have consumed mainstream society, with numerous television shows being produced including, Dexter, Hannibal, and the Following. However, an exaggerated depiction of these killers within the mass media still continues to blur fact and fiction together. As a result, real-life serial killers such as the infamous Gary Ridgway, also known as “The Green River Killer” and fictional ones like Norman Bates have become tremendously interchangeable in the mind of many individuals. Serial murder is simply defined as the killing of two or more individuals by an individual acting on their own or with a partner over a period of time, including a significant cooling off period between them. Contrary to popular belief, “serial killers can be White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, and/or Native American: in fact, they can be from any ethnic grouping” (Gerberth 2006, pg. 478). The common misconception of serious killers as reclusive, anti-social misfits is utterly inaccurate as the majority of serial killers in fact are highly intelligent (could be street smart), charming, and can easily hide
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