Serial Killers Vs Serial Killers

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There are many different people in the United States. Many people follow the rules and regulations that were implemented through the laws of being an American citizen, but there are many people who do not follow these laws and regulations. People such as the horrid serial killers that live among us and some even living incarcerated in prisons all across the country. A serial killer is described “as a person who murders three or more people in a period of over a month, with ‘cooling down’ time between murders” (Serial Killers Vs. Mass Murderers). One question being; were killers born with a sense of killing, or did they learn how to become killers over time? Many speculations come from all different kinds of people, but are serial killers born the way they are?
One side of this argument is that all serial killers are raised in such a manner that causes them to commit murders. Donald Henry Gaskins is one serial killer that many believe committed his crimes based on the way his family raised him. Gaskins mother Eulea Parrott otherwise known as Molly got pregnant at the age of fourteen when she has sex with “Mr. Gaskins, a wealthy, well-known neighbor of Molly, who loved to gamble and drink… he paid Molly $1 for sex several times a week” (Donald Henry Gaskins). Later Molly would live on Mr. Gaskins farm and get paid ten dollars by Mr. Gaskins each month. Donald would later in his childhood be known as “Pee Wee because of his small height and weight,” and he was “teased and made
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