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The legal definition of a serial murder, as defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)(Morton & Hilts, Eds., 2006), in 2005 is, “[t]he unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events" (p. 9). However, numerous people debate over the definition, including this researcher, because it lacks a cool-down period in between murders, which numerous professionals believe is necessary for serial killer status. The cool-down period is a short to extended amount of time between murders. This is what differentiates them from other killers such as mass murderers and spree killers. Despite this disagreement, serial killers remain a rare phenomenon. The FBI (2006) states, serial murder accounts for under one percent of the killings a year. Nevertheless, throughout the years, countless people have…show more content…
The lack of sexual interference indicated it might be someone with sexual dysfunction. The post-mortem injury inflicted on June Stott, and not on any other victim, indicated that the killer was becoming more comfortable around corpses, probably returning to the crime scene again later to relive the attack (A&E Television Networks, LLC, 2016a. paras. 21-22).
This profile suited Shawcross well and shortly after establishing it, the authorities located him close to the crime scene of one of his victims, while looking for a missing person. At the time he was seen he was either masturbating or urinating (A&E Television Networks, LLC. 2016a). As one can tell, he exhibited several of the characteristics described by the FBI in relation to as disorganized killers, which includes but is not limited to, low IQ, unstable relationships, unstable and unskilled job history, returned to the crime scene, and victims' bodies were left in view.

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