Serial Murders And The Criminal Justice Field

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Introduction Serial killings/murders/homicides has been a topic of fascination since even before the. Today, news and media, the psychological field, and the criminal justice field find serial killings intriguing because of the abnormality and unlikelihood of a serial homicide occurring and being linked to one person. Serial homicides are known to be multiple killings by the same killer over a time period- varies from months to years. “ INSERT BOOK DEFINITION” Some of the most infamous serial killers known today are Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, the Zodiac killer, and Jeffrey Dahmer. All of whom are white males between the age of 20-45 and who presented themselves as a normal person; living a double life. Serial killers are hard to identify they present to be normal people, some married or in a relationship, loving, and show no out of the ordinary behavior to those who interact with them. Serial Killers I. Subtypes, patterns, and motives by Laurence Miller, states that the most common characteristics and description of serial killers are known to be white males between the ages of 20-40, are charming, smart, and hold a stabled home. ( INSERT page number CITATION) The main victims of male serial murderers are mainly white young female girls mainly because of a killers compulsive and predatorily fetish based motive to act out sexual fantasies. ( INSERT CITATION) Serial killers: I. Many male serial killers like Ted Bundy, stab and strangle / suffocate
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