Serial Podcast Evaluation Essay

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Casey Laudadio
Serial Multi­Genre Research Project Essay
Jay Wilds should be credited with the murder of Hae Min Lee. This is attributed to
Jay's testimony being everything that the State has on Adnan Syed, which, is a testimony that is saturated with inconsistencies and falsified information. This research project will examine Jay to the core by tapping into all the evidence found in this case as well as referencing viable news articles ­ the argument that Mr. Wilds is responsible for the death of Hae Min Lee. The research project and its conclusion will analyze this murder­mystery from a different angle, pinning Jay as the killer and Jenn as a co­conspirator, and evaluating possible motives.
I chose this topic for a number of
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We don’t see much of Jay, rather, we hear quite a lot. What we are hearing from Jay is a mess of carefully plotted lies. As I have discovered, Jay is an incredible liar. This leads me to the first part of my theory. This is at the heart of things for me: Jay is a fabulous liar.
He lies about little, inconsequential things. He lies about enormous, critical things. He lies the spectrum and all shades of the rainbow. What's more, he lies about why he lies. And then he lies about why he lied about lying. He is an endurance, distance liar.
He lies for attention, and he lies to divert attention
. He lies with intent. He lies with purpose. He lies on cue. He lies for unfathomable reasons. He lies, and then he lies some more. Jay is a ceaseless liar. The way I can tell Jay is lying during his interview with The Intercept, is his constant change in past and present tense verbs. "2. Verb tense. Truthful people usually describe historical events in the past tense. Deceptive people sometimes refer to past events

as if the events were occurring in the present. Describing past events using the present tense suggests that people are rehearsing the events in their mind. Investigators should pay particular attention to points in a narrative at which the speaker shifts to inappropriate present tense usage." We see this in even the first seven statements in Jay’s interview,

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