Serious And Systematic Monitoring Of Affairs

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Dr. Alavi Panah’s notes about environment
Serious and systematic monitoring of affairs
Dr. Seyyed Kazem Alavi Panah
Environmental problems are countless. Perhaps whatever we enumerate the difficulties and complexities of these problems, it would be less. But on the other hand, whatever we say about scientific and research potential of researchers and especially the youth of country and ready to serve and potential economic capabilities, it would be less. So our most important devise should be solving these numerous problems and sometimes infrastructural by their specialist, so that they can take action to eliminate them gradually.
Although problems of environment manifests almost everywhere in the world. But the problems of each region
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While many resources are destroyed or destroying, sitting in a room thinking to find solutions to revive lost resources is not enough. In this case we need a higher think tank to understand the root of the problem and trying to resolve the root problems successfully.
For example, when a multi-story tower is on fire and the fire is currently destroying the lower floors, solving and planning for restoration and reconstruction of degraded floors are not a priority. You need to focus all the energy on firefighting to prevent contagion from spreading to other floors. After inhibition, then there 's time to rebuild!
Solving an environmental problem in abstract form and without considering other biological parameters maybe successful in that case and solve the problem, but it would be the source of other problems. Hence, all managers and planners should know that in all cases they are dealing with life whether the nature or society or an individual, their behavior to these cases should be like a medical practitioner to a body or a living organism! Especially if the person is patient, safety considerations should be increased.
We know that sometimes for a drug to be discovered and all process take its course to be prescribed and finally be commercial, sometimes spend more than one billion dollars. Certainly after the drug entered the market, it takes many years to identifying its real side effects and complications. Although I believe many of the negative effects on the mind
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