Serious Case Review Essay

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Unit 502 Serious Case Review Andy Ellis

A Serious Case Review was set out by ‘Working Together’ 2006 stating:
‘When a child dies, and abuse or neglect is known or suspected to be a factor in the death…. Organisations should consider whether there are any lessons to be learnt about the ways in which they work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children’ (DfES 2006: 8.2 p169)
In such circumstances or: * ‘Where a child sustains a potentially life threatening injury or serious and permanent impairment of health and development through abuse and neglect’ * ‘When a child has been subjected to particularly serious sexual abuse’ * ‘When a child has been murdered and a homicide review is being initiated’ * When
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She was known to the police, social services of four local authorities, NHS, NSPCC and local churches, all of whom failed to properly investigate her case.
On the 24th February 2000, Victoria was taken semi-conscious and suffering from; hypothermia, multiple organ failure and malnutrition, to a local church. The taxi driver that collected them from the church was so horrified at her condition, that he took them straight to A and E. Victoria died the following day.
As a result Kouao and Manning were given life sentences, and a public enquiry was ordered and headed by Lord Laming. The subsequent report is known as the Laming Report.
The death of Victoria Climbie was largely responsible for the introduction of ‘Every Child Matters’, Children’s Act 2004, the creation of Contact Point project, and the creation of a Childrens Commissioner for England.
Laming Report:
The Laming report commenced in May 2001 and was split into two phases. Phase one, investigated the involvement of people and agencies in Victoria’s death, in the form of hearings. Two hundred and seventy witnesses were called between September 2001 and July 2002 which had been extended due to late submission of documents. Phase two, took the form of five seminars, which looked at the child protection system as a whole, and involved experts in all aspects of child protection.
The 400 page Laming report was published on the 28th January
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