Sermon Injury: A Case Report

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DOI: 04/04/2012. This is a 42-year-old male right-hand dominant warehouseman who sustained a work-related crush injury to his right hand due to working on slitter, causing amputation of the right thumb. He is diagnosed with right thumb crush injury. Per initial evaluation dated 03/09/2016, patient is in a temporary thumb spica splint. Physical examination reveals post-operative wound at the right dorsal/radial forearm, palm, and ulnar wrist. There is minimal swelling. He has no current functional use of the right thumb. He is unable to write and pick up small 1cm-size objects with accuracy. Right thumb metacarpophalangeal joint extension/flexion is 30/35 and right thumb interphalangeal joint extension/flexion is 45. As per 6/7/16, the patient
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