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Servant Evangelism It’s very difficult when we are in school to find the time to do what we love as disciples, which is to lead others to Christ. After working a full-time job I come home to do work for my company, Unique Expressions which is a promotional company. I met with a customer about four weeks about to do some flyers for his restaurant, once I completed them. He asked me a few weeks later to do a second flyer for his ministry called “Empowerment” he begin to tell me how he goes around the community and invite them in for a short message in the word, prayer and koinonia . This is not the nicest community but one where most of the lower working class resides. I’m always honored to do a flyer for ministries that have the…show more content…
I had one teenager that did. So, I proceeded to tell them that God desires that we learn of Him, understand His ways that we may then go back out and teach others (which is why I’m here today). I asked them questions like can this be done over night? I told them Jesus walked with the disciples a few years. I also asked them if they thought their lives would be perfect because they had accepted Jesus Christ or was doing as he desired of them. At the end of my lesson I asked if there were questions or if anyone needed prayer. Their hands flew up, and all the teenagers were quick to say what they needed. So, I prayed for each one of them and the adults desiring prayer (each of them wanting God to help them with attitudes, family, finances, jobs and trust) it was beautiful to me to just be able to be the vessel God used to encourage each of them as He saw fit. Once I prayed for them and their families, I then served them dinner and sat down and ate with them and continued our talk about the Great Commission. I heard some of the teenagers saying they came for food, and I told them it was okay, just continue to come God knows how to give you what you need and more. We had a few homeless women that we tried to invite in to come eat but they felt uncomfortable because of their clothing. I received no wages but just joy from the hearts that were touched by Christ during our

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