Servant Leadership : An Organization

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The department, when servant leadership is implemented, has great possibility and visionary accomplished goals. Servant leadership in this department may decrease the voluntary turnover rate tremendously. The organization workload is demanding comparing to others organization with equal pay. As turnover is costing organization 150% more when placed in these situation, the cost of replacing an employee is damaging. A study on servant leadership on turnover intention indicated that servant leader led to the decrease in turnover that involves ethical level, person-organization fit, and organization commitment (Jaramillo, Grisaffe, Chonko, & Roberts, 2009). When servant leader demonstrate genuine compassion to the people they lead, the…show more content…
Team building starts with servant leadership by improving communication to gain responsibility of each other and to become competence in what the team member do best. Justin and Gail published an International Journal of Leadership Studies, identified that servant leadership as a significant predictor of team effectiveness (Irving & Longbotham, 2007). Team-building is view as a long-term accomplishment, and by encouraging servant leadership, role expectations and prescriptive norm may be develop to benefit the people and the organization. Individual adaptability to servant leadership may also be confronted by many challenges. People like comfort and predictability, and by implementing servant leadership, which create change in the comfort and predictability stand point. This is something individual may resist too and may lead to emotion control, motivation control, and lack of goal commitment. The readiness and preparation of servant leadership is recommended as the first step in engaging the workforce with this philosophy. Many emotion may be encountered during this cycle, but patience is the factor as this philosophy takes time. The changes may cause dysfunctional stress, and may lead to negative feedback and lack of interpersonal relationship with colleague. As the employee experience these emotions, workplace aggression may be conceivable.
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