Servant Leadership : Characteristics, Nursing Practice, And Personal Growth

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Servant Leadership: Characteristics, Application to Nursing Practice, and Personal Growth The servant is a novel that depicts the life of a man who has a successful life that is lacking a leadership role, directly correlated with his personal, social, and professional life (Hunter, 1998). In the story, his wife convinces him to attend a leadership retreat with the aim of discovering the meaning of servant leadership. Greenleaf (1977) defined servant leaders as those who place other people’s needs, aspirations, and interests above their own by building relationships and service to empower and transform followers into concrete leaders (p.18). This paper will go into detail about the characteristics of servant leadership such as empathy,…show more content…
Commitment to the Growth of Others As noted by Russel & Stone (2002), servant leaders have obligations for personal and professional growth of team members (p. 147). According to Spears (2010), a strong servant leader trusts that one’s values go above and beyond tasks as laborers. Therefore, the sole purpose of a servant leader is to facilitate growth of individuals by serving and applying knowledge to colleagues. Facilitating decision making and including individuals, while maintaining the suggestions from the group, provide a concrete example of commitment to others in the workplace. Additionally, providing necessary funds for experience and skill is a great way to facilitate personal growth for individuals and a group (p. 150). Building Community Spears (2010) claims a servant leader can identify the foundation of a shift to large institutions from local communities (p. 150). As a result, the leader searches for the meaning of creating a nurturing community embedded in an institution. A well-rounded community can be formed through the process of servant leadership (Spears, 2010, p.151). As stated by Greenleaf (1977), in order to build a community within a group of people, each servant leader must demonstrate their own drive for the institutional group ( p. 53) Servant Leadership in Nursing Practice Neill & Saunders (2008) determined that servant leadership can apply to all situations in the nursing practice, in which a

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