Servant Leadership Essay

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Servant Leadership is a leadership style that leads by example, does not take credit for deeds done, and makes themselves as humble as possible to serve others. Servant leadership is focusing on serving the highest needs of others to help another individual achieve their personal goals. Servant leadership has to be developed by the person in the leadership role. The leader has got to be aware of themselves as a person before they can be aware of someone else’s needs. The leader has to be a moral and ethical person and have many positive qualities before they can see what another person truly needs. Once a servant leader has these they can start working to meet goals (Trastek, 2014).
There are several leadership models used in healthcare
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I do believe servant leadership is the best style not only for the healthcare field but for your personal life as well.
Although I do not have a career in healthcare yet I feel I have several examples of servant leadership throughout my life. I am a person with a very caring heart and a giving heart. Almost over caring to where I get to attached or want to help more than I have the means to. I sit and I dwell on how I could not continue helping another person, even after I have reached the max capacity of what I could do for them. I have the heart for developmentally disabled adults and children, animals of any kind even cats who cause anaphylaxis reactions when I even stand near one, and children. All pull at my heart strings and make me want to give my all in any way I possibly can.
I completed an internship during my undergraduate career at a non-profit, LIFESPAN. INC. LIFESPAN works with individuals that are developmentally disabled. LIFESPAN provides; day program services, respite care, employment services, and many more services. During my time at LIFESPAN, I created a game day event for day program, a community guide for all of LIFESPAN with resources that the individuals and their families could use, visited homes of individuals and their families during provider meetings, and helped teach classes during day support. I absolutely fell in love with every individual student
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