Servant Leadership : The Servant Leader

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Servant Leadership The Servant is a motivating, influential, empowering, and informative book. Just from the title, it seems so simple; a servant leader is someone in a leadership position that serves other. Yes, this is one small part of what servant leadership stands for, but there are many more components that shape a servant leader. Hunter (2012) states “Anyone wanting to be a leader must first be a servant. If you want to lead you must serve (p.71).” Being a leader is defined as positively influencing others to work towards goals that are for a common good (Hunter, 2012, p.79). In order to lead through service, there must be certain characteristics present. All of servant leadership is built on authority. Authority is defined as “a skill of getting people to willingly do your will because of your personal influence” (Hunter, 2012, p.79). A leader cannot build authority without service and sacrifice (Hunter, 2012). Hunter (2012) states, someone who leads through service and sacrifice does it by identifying and meeting legitimate needs and by putting the needs of others before their own personal needs. Serving and sacrificing for others is built on the word love (Hunter, 2012). Hunter (2012) talks about how love is always thought of as a feeling, but it can actually be a verb that describes someone’s behaviors. “Love is built on will, and the formula that produces the will is intentions plus actions” (Hunter, 2012, p. 89). Hunter (2012) sums up all of these
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