Servant Leadership and the Board of Directors

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What does the literature reflect about this particular dynamic, and how do power and politics of an organization function vis-à-vis servant leadership? These issues will be discussed in this paper.
Servant Leader and the Board of Directors
"The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others" (Albert Schweitzer) (Keith, 2010).
Dr. Kent M. Keith was a presenter on behalf of the Greenleaf Seminar on Servant Leadership at the 53rd annual conference for the Arizona School Boards Association in December, 2010. He correctly pointed out that servant leadership is about serving others, about becoming distinguished through the altruistic desire to serve, and about the "…universal recognition of the importance of serving others" (Keith, 2010).
Servant leadership is not about "acquiring or wielding" power but rather it is about leading which can help an organization become a powerful servant to others in the sense of its mission and goals. The board members in any organization are accountable, Keith explained in his presentation. He quoted Robert Greenleaf: "Trustees [board members] are accountable to all parties of interest for the best possible performance of the institution in the service of the needs…
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