Servant Of God: Moses And His Accomplishments

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Bible 9 Austin Kaneshige, Noah Chin, Kiersten Doane
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Servant of God: Moses and His Accomplishments
The Life of Moses
The life of Moses began when a new emperor of Egypt felt threatened by the rapid growth of the Israelites. He commanded his army to kill every male newborn of the Jews throughout the land. Moses’ mother wanted to save him, so she wrapped him in a blanket and put him inside a basket. She let the basket float down the Nile River until the daughter of Pharaoh found baby Moses while bathing. Pharaoh’s daughter named him Moses, meaning “drawn from water”. The sister of Moses, Miriam, followed him down the river and volunteered to take care of her brother. The daughter of
Pharaoh made sure that Moses was offered the best of Egypt
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Mears, “This tenth plague would have fallen on the Israelites, too, had they not killed the paschal lamb and been protected by its blood of redemption.” God sent all these plagues because Pharaoh hardened his heart with each plague and would not let
God’s people go. The people of Israel may not have known the importance of the feast that night but believed God and obeyed. This shows the power of God and how serious
He is when we don’t heed or obey Him. That night, every firstborn of the Egyptians was killed and that broke the obstinacy and pride of Pharaoh.
Moses gave his heart to God and God used him to do many great things. God got Moses to lead the Israelites into the land of Canaan even though Moses would have died in the end. Moses brought the Ten Commandments to the Israelites and wrote the first 5 books of the bible called the Pentateuch. Moses is a very accomplished man considering the Israelites were very hardheaded and constantly went against God even though he gave them so much. When in the wilderness, they reached a place called
Marah, where the water was very bitter. The Israelites blamed Moses, and in order to solve the problem Moses cast a tree into the water and made it turn sweet.
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