Serve Me: The Role Of Women In The Hispanic Family

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“Serve me.”
Growing up, those two words have always left my stomach in knots and caused my eyebrows to come together in confusion. At the tender age of 8, family parties were meant to be fun and enjoyable, but whenever I heard an uncle or grandfather say those two words I was left in a state of discomfort without really knowing why.
“Serve me.”
In any Hispanic family, a few certain core values and traditions are kept up from generation to generation. A few of these values include being hospitable and showing respect, but there was always one value that was never explicitly stated that I could never really wrap my head around. That value was that women are to dedicate themselves to their husbands and assure that their husband is happy. In my mind, it partially made sense that in a marriage one is essentially “dedicating” themselves to their significant other
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There’s no way they would hire a woman over me.”
I didn’t really grasp the significance of what I overheard until later that night. The man’s tone infuriated me. Who was he to decide what a women can or cannot do with her life? I eventually realized what the phrase “serve me” implied. The phrase implied that women are nothing more than housemaids.
Ever since that night, I set my mind on proving to my family that women are more than homemakers and that’s what pushed me to apply for University High School when I was 13. I chose to apply and attend the school because I knew the college preparatory school would only push me to make the most out of my education. Every day of my life since has been dedicated to challenging the idea that women are nothing more than homemakers.
I am a girl and I am a hard worker. I am a girl and I am working hard to get a good education. I am a girl and I can be just as successful as any man out
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