Serve Our Members With Distinction

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Serve Our Members with Distinction

• Every committee members' concerns regarding issues like CAST SEs, Human Trafficking, Fatigue, PED in Cabin, Duty and Rest Time, Communicable Disease, and New Least Risk Bomb Location Procedure were addressed by either inviting expert to the quarterly meetings or setting up teleconference.
• It was a challenging year when it came to provide our members with timely data reports using the promised tools Tableau and SAS. However, throughout the delays, members were informed and updated on the progress of the project and were still provided timely injury and damage reports using Excel and PPT.
• In all the meetings, members are asked if there are areas that they want us to improve on and I follow up on
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• I enjoy working with my A4A colleagues and I appreciate being part of a great SSO team who support me with my strengths and provide me guidance on what I need to improve on.

Technical Skills

• The past year has been a challenging, yet a rewarding year in improving my technical skills
• I’ve come to understand Excel better and have taking courses on Tableau that has help me improve my data analysis skills

Summary of 2017 Accomplishments

• Built continued relationship with the FAA, ASIAS, CAST, MITRE, international delegations and other members in the industry by facilitating meetings at A4A and continued sponsorship efforts at events like InfoShare, improving perception and reputation of A4A
• Resolved our Safety Data Reporting System issues by bringing in a new vendor - Data Meaning – and by taking Tableau Desktop and Visualization courses for better understanding of the data reporting tool.
• Updated the Safety Enhancement Deliverable Dashboard for members
• Addressed committee members current issues like Occupational Exposure to Beryllium, Human Trafficking, Walking and Working Surfaces Rule, Unruly passengers, Flight Attendants Fatigue, Cabin/Cockpit emergency communication breakdown

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