Server Controlled Multicast Chat System

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An assumption that is intrinsic to a basic communication involves two parties, the server and the client. Here, our design is based on a chat application which involves one-to-many communication (i.e., with one server and multiple clients, in which the server acts as the central system administrator and has got control over all other clients who wish to join the network.
BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE DESIGN: The Multicasting in java can be achieved by using the sockets and thread concepts in the Java networking programming. We consider two sockets, one in the server side that waits for the client messages on a particular port and the other in the client side to receive messages from each
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Once the user logs into the system with his/her credentials provided the server is started intitially and is waiting for the clients, it starts storing all the actions performed in a log called the “Event log” for the corresponding user session. It requires the user to run the Client login program every time of a new user wants to connect. The message sent by user hits the server first and the user makes it display on all the screen of all other users who are online. This is the main focus of our design and is implemented using the threading. Also, if a user logs off, all other users of the group will be notified of it and the logged off users loses access over the application. He has to login again to achieve a connection with the system once again.
SPECIAL ASSUMPTIONS: 1) A user who wishes to login can successfully login with any name, provided the password is ‘12345’. The system is designed in such a way for simplicity as this is not the main focus of our design.
2) Any multiple number of the users can login with the same username, because the system treats them as different individuals as each and every client is referenced by a unique id.
3) Once a user wishes to log off, he sends a “Goodbye” message and the server disconnects him from the application and notifies to all other users currently connected.
1) Our system works fine at both the circumstances, when the server
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