Service Characteristics of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

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Chapter 2 Service Characteristics of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
 Describe a service culture.
 Identify four service characteristics that affect the marketing of a hospitality or travel product.
 Explain marketing strategies that are useful in the hospitality and travel industries.
 Ritz-Carlton is renowned for outstanding service. o the chain of eighty-five luxury hotels around the world, caters to the top 5 percent of corporate & leisure travelers
 In surveys of departing guests, some 95 percent report they’ve had a truly memorable experience.
 At Ritz-Carlton, exceptional service encounters have become almost commonplace. o when Nancy & Harvey Heffner’s son became sick, hotel staff brought him hot tea & honey
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o they must differentiate themselves from resorts & hotels
 Product features that conference centers use to differentiate themselves include the following: o dedicated meeting rooms that cannot be used for other purposes o twenty-four-hour use, which offers clients security & personalization (computers, briefcases, etc., can be left in the room) o continuous coffee, not just coffee breaks o all-inclusive pricing, a set price per day, per attendee
 The International Association of Conference Centers offers an online database for travel planners.
 In most hospitality services, both service provider & customer must be present for the transaction to occur. o food in a restaurant may be outstanding, but if the service person has a poor attitude or provides inattentive service, customers will not be satisfied with their experience
 Service inseparability also means that customers are part of the product. o having chosen a restaurant because it is quiet & romantic, a couple will be disappointed if a group of loud, boisterous conventioneers is seated in the same room
 Managers must manage their customers so they do not create dissatisfaction for others.
 Another implication is that customers & employees must understand the service delivery system because they are coproducing the service.
 This means hospitality and travel organizations have to train customers just as they train employees. o customers must understand the menu items in a
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