Service Cycle. 1)Recommendation:. A Child Is Recommended

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Service Cycle 1) Recommendation: A child is recommended to Proud Moments seeking ABA services to improve social, linguistic, behavioral and adaptive skills. This recommendation may come from the child’s school, physician, other service providers; or simply from a parent seeking help, having heard about Proud Moments stellar service. Proud Moments has created an efficient and supportive process to help parents navigate the intricacies of ABA health services. 2) Intake Process: The first step of the process is the intake process where the parent is interviewed by an associate in the Intake Department based on a Proud Moments questionnaire. The questionnaire includes the client’s basic personal data, insurance information, the reason for…show more content…
The assessment includes a meeting between a licensed BCBA, the child, his family and his community of caregivers to observe and discuss the child’s social, behavioral, and adaptive skills to determine his skill deficits. The BCBA will apply various techniques and strategies to identify the key behavioral and social areas that need to be addressed and assess the child’s ability to socially interact with others, and his verbal and non-verbal skills. 5) Quality Assurance: After the BCBA has assessed the child he writes up a formal assessment report and a proposed treatment plan, and submits it to the Assessment Department. The licensed BCBAs heading the Assessment Department will evaluate the report for quality assurance, modifying it as necessary. The assessment is then submitted to the insurance carrier to receive approval for ongoing services. The insurance carrier approves treatment and issues an authorization identifying the services to be provided and available units of treatment services approved. This approval is reviewed semi-annually. After authorization is received the Intake Department assigns the new case to a licensed BCBA. 6) Behavior Plan and Treatment: An individualized treatment plan is designed for the client based on these specific findings. BCBAs implement individualized
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