Service Data Storage For Usps Facilities

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In United States Postal Service, their large computer networks and advances in storage ability allows them to store immense amounts of data and easily get access of it from any facilities for analyzing. With the endless quantities of data that is constantly being collected from the internet, customers, and facilities, USPS is constantly improving their ways in storing data as efficiently as possible. The Enterprise Data Warehouse is the primary data storage for USPS. It approximately 35 petabytes of storage capacity which allows it to store all the data collected from over 100 systems ranging from financial, human resources, transactional, etc. To process and store data into the EDW, it requires three steps of extract, transform and load. During the extraction process, the data is taken from the source of different systems within the USPS facilities. Then the transform process structures the data using rules or tables and turns it into one consolidated warehouse format. It also combines some data with others so it is easier to be transferred between different databases. The final process is the load with is basically integrating and writing the data into the database which can be accessed from any facilities and systems within the USPS. The EDW allows USPS to store any amount of data as efficient as possible at the lowest cost and quickest processing speed. It also allows the data to be used and migrate from database to database easily for analysis. USPS collects data
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