Service Delivery Challenges Faced By Accommodation Establishments

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UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE NAME: TAFADZWA SURNAME: ZIMUNYA REG NUMBER: R135769F PROGRAM: HTHM 2 COURSE: RESEARCH METHODS LECTURER: DR MARUNDA DUE DATE: 28 NOVEMBER 2014 RESEARCH TOPIC: Service delivery challenges faced by accommodation establishments in Harare. INTRODUCTION An accommodation establishment is a business organization that provides guests and visitors with accommodation or a place to stay whilst they at the establishment. Service delivery focuses on the way an organization distributes the services to the guests There are various types of accommodation establishments and these include hotels, lodges, and guest houses among others. These accommodation establishments offer guests and visitors a variety of services which include accommodation, food and beverages, entertainment and others. In order for accommodation establishments to operate effectively and efficiently, the need to ensure that they effectively deliver their services to guests and customers in order to facilitate repeat business. However, accommodation establishments that are based in Harare have been experiencing a lot of service delivery challenges. Some of these challenges have affected their growth and also
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