Service Dogs Essay

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When the Labs are just three months old they will be assigned a foster home. This family will care for the puppies for the next year. They family will more than likely have children in the home because this offers a better way of socializing the dogs from the start. This family will teach this puppy many basic commands like: sit, stay, walking on a leash, fetch, and come. It will be put into as many Running Head: SERVICE DOGS 3 social settings as possible. They will be allowed into grocery stores, restaurants, and the park, and many more places. Most importantly this dog will receive all the love and attention it needs to thrive as a great service dog. (McGinty, 1999) These dogs are also screened for a number of health issues they pay most attention to the hips, because Labs are known for hip problems. Dogs can fail for a variety of reasons. As you might guess, some dogs don’t transition well from living in a puppy raiser’s home to living in kennels and others just get stressed out and fail. The puppy raiser gets the option of keeping a dog that failed. If the puppy raiser can’t keep the dog they can place it in a home. Waiting lists for such dogs are usually several years long! (Moore,
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