Service Encounter At A Hair Salon

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Service Encounter at a Hair Salon in My Hometown Introduction Since I was a high school student, I have been to the same hair salon. The name of the hair salon is ZELE, and it is located in my hometown. All of the service performances are composed of several different actions. Customers can observe some of these actions, and they cannot notice others. Performances are conducted at both frontstage and backstage. There are two ways to describe sequences of service performances: a service script and a blueprint. “A service script is a chronologically ordered representation of the steps that make up the service performance from the customer’s point of view” (Fisk, Grove, & John, 2014, p.57) . “A service blueprint is a graphic representation of the essential components of the service performance, both frontstage and backstage” (Fisk, Grove, & John, 2014, p.59) 1. In this paper, I will illustrate service performances at the hair salon in a service script from the customer’s perspective and a service blueprint from the service provider’s perspective. Moreover, in a service blueprint, I will provide some fail-points of the performances, and then I will supply recommendations for the fail-points to improve the provider’s service. This is the service blueprint for the service encounter I received the last time I visited the hair salon. As I mentioned at the beginning of this paper, a service blueprint describes a series of performances for both frontstage and backstage with a
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