Service Encounter Report

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Service Encounter Report 1.0 Introduction The purpose of this report is to critically evaluate the services encounter using service marketing perspective. In order to do this report, I had experience few service industries around Kota Kinabalu area. I had took six encounters service as my journal entries and two of the journal entries will use to develop this report which is the most and least satisfactory service encounter. The encounters that I had chosen will reflect different type of satisfaction and service industries. The extremely satisfied service will be encounter 4: LHS Quality Software Co and the extremely dissatisfied service was the Encounter 1: Digi center @1borneo. 2.1 Consumer Behavior (Pre-purchase stage) Lovelock et…show more content…
Moreover, the environment also a critical incident in my service encounters. The environment will influence the purchasing behavior. For example, if the place where the service will occur is dirty, then the customer may want to consider first before the customer will purchase the service. In my case, for extremely satisfied service (Encounter 4: LHS Quality Software Co), the environment was not so comfortable. This is because the firm did not provide enough space for a customer. But the environment was not dirty and not noisy, so I still can say I am satisfied with the environment. On the other hand, for extremely dissatisfied service (Encounter 1: Digi center @1borneo), the environment was not good. There were too many people in the firm and the surrounding was very noisy, this make me feel very uncomfortable. The surrounding area can also be say as a reason why I extremely dissatisfied to the firm. 2.4 Customer satisfaction and perceived service quality Service quality as an important factor to influences the customer satisfaction on the service industries (Eugene and Jamie, 2000 ; Festus et al., 2006). The higher the level of service quality, the more satisfied the customers. Therefore, customer satisfaction is based on customer expectations and perception of service quality (Johnston and Lyth, 1991). Disconfirmation has been
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