Service Encounter Report

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Service Marketing Service Encounter Report Assignment 2 Name: Sun Yi Due day: 19/09/2012 Letter of transmittal Dear CEO As an employee of the hotel, I hope this report can help the hotel's long-term development, improve a lot shortcomings and defects of service, and improve staff quality, service attitude and service level, increase the competitiveness of the hotel. In recent years, there are more and more competition for hotel, peripheral consumption level unceasing enhancement, I believe that the management also felt the pressure by competitors, as a large hotel, it is necessary to improve the competitiveness, first of all,we must considerate the service marketing. We are the…show more content…
In services, marketing is not just Marketing Department, it involves the entire organization, the traditional marketing model that is 4 p marketing mix is not used in industry, Relationship marketing is a long-term strategy, the purpose lies in the development and strengthening, lasting customer relationship. In relationship marketing, interactive marketing is the key, and the interaction is the characteristics of the service in, so that is easy to understand service marketing is developed on the basis of relationship marketing 3. Characteristics of Tourism hotel service marketing a) Expand the service product extension. Hotel service is a kind of comprehensive products, from the point of view of guests, guests consumption in the hotel don't like buying television, refrigerator that for a specific material products, but in the hotel guests will get a group of integrated products. Such as material products part (the actual consumption of material products, such as food, beverage); Guests sensory part (through the sight and hearing and touch, smell of equipment furniture, environment atmosphere, service technology, the quality of service experience); Guests psychological feel part. The guests’ hotel product quality evaluation, is essentially on the above three parts of the comprehensive evaluation. b) The interactive process of guests with
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