Service Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

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Service excellence is when a customer leaves a business happy. Good service is when something is done for you correctly in a timely, pleasant, hassle-free manner. Excellent customer service to me is being attentive to the customer’s needs, smile, and call other stores, being personable and upbeat, going the extra mile, and ALWAYS asking the customer questions. Servicing customers. Like helping. And interacting with the customers. Customer service means acknowledging the needs of the customers their queries. As a manager in a restaurant I would practice service excellence by going over and beyond. In my restaurant NO or I don’t know will never be mentioned to customers. I would treat the customer as if I would like to be treated. Treating each customer as an individual and who has the sales person’s undivided attention. Really listening to the customer and understanding what might be behind the stated question for a product or service. Never reacting negatively to any situation but rather taking it in stride. An angry customer has a reason for feeling as they do and it’s the sales person’s job to find out why and turn it around. I work as a night auditor at the “Holiday Inn Express” and I show service excellence every time I work. I answers phones with manners and a perfect timing. When I greet guest, I make them feel as if they want to come back. I make small talk and ask them how their stay here was? Of course I ask with a smile. My customers comes back many times, I
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