Service Fee On The Front Doors

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As soon as I entered the front doors I was greeted by the employee. She asked me how she could help me and I told her I wanted to inquire about opening an account. She stated, "ok, great!" The employee introduce yourself and ask her my name and I gave her my name. I was asked to sit down and the employee proceeded to ask if I was interested in opening a checking account I stated, "yes." She asked if I was going to have direct deposit on the account?, I started, "yes". I have an account that is great, this is our Direct Value account. She pulled out a brochure and started pointing out the account features. She said, "with that account is you debit card, their is no service fee, it 's $100.00 down to open the account and there is no service…show more content…
your leave today with your debit card. As long as we can get your funds verified, if it is cash, If it is a check we will have to place a hold on the check. She then showed me the debit card options that are available for instant issue. She asked, are you new to the area? I stated, Yes, I moved from Austin. She said, Oh, Great! Welcome to longview. She said, You work for the state of Texas. I said, Yes. She said, Okay, Good. What department are you inÇ I stated, The Health and human Service office. I stated that i wanted a slower pace. She said, I know. I said, Its crazy in Austin. She said, Oh, goodness. I said, its always busy. I said, you have like back to back traffic even on the weekends and Im like, where is everybody going, this is not a work day and my best friend lives out here... so she was like, girl you need to move somewhere that is slow paced . She stated is your office on Eastman road? I said Yes. I said, its easy with the state, its a little bit easier. I had a credit union over there so it was only in that area and I was like I cant do this.I was trying to figure out what banks were in the area and my friend told me about this bank and I said, okay, I will look into it and see before i get paid again so I was trying to do all of this all at the same time. She stated, Now this account does not pay interest, Were you looking for an account that paid interest? I said, For now. probably not. She
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