Service Gaps : A High Concentration Of Haitian Americans

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Service Gaps. One of the gaps in services and resources in Little Haiti identified is in education. All of the public schools in Little Haiti have a grade of either C or D ("Miami-Dade County Public Schools," n.d.). These schools with below average achievement scores do not benefit the children attending who are coming from a community that has a below average high school diploma rate. As the workforce continues to become more competitive, college education is going to begin to replace high school diplomas as a prerequisite for the majority of jobs. If the public education system does not begin to provide education that not only aids these youth in obtaining high school diplomas but additionally supports their advancement through college, than this community will not be able to move ahead with society. There is a high concentration of Haitian Americans holding low-skill, low-wage jobs. Understanding that Haiti is one of the poorest countries and that immigrants came to the United States with no formal education, necessary steps need to be taken to ensure that each generation has an opportunity to advance obtain this education and advance their community a bit more (Sohmer, Jackson, Katz, & Warren, 2005). There are a couple ways this writer would begin to address this gap. First, the schools need to initiate or strength their parent association programs. Parents should receive ongoing education on student progress, areas needing improvement, and ways to best support
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