Service Implementation Protocol ( Athreon Corporation

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Service Implementation Protocol

Athreon Corporation


Introduction 2
Athreon Team 2
Client Team 2
Implementation Phases 3
Pre-Sales Phase 3
Kickoff Phase 3
Technical Phase 3
Project Plan Phase 3
Build/Testing Phase 4
Go-Live Phase 4
Maintenance Phase 5
Conclusion 5

Athreon employs a series of best practices to facilitate onboarding new Clients. Regardless of a Client’s size, our approach to service implementation remains largely the same. Athreon has managed numerous successful implementations since 1988. We have an enviable track record of successfully migrating organizations to our system with total satisfaction. We conduct a thorough analysis of each Client’s present and future objectives
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Technical Contact Technical specialist responsible for establishing successful communication between Athreon’s system and the system(s) used by the Client.
Template Developer Responsible for creating templates that mirror Client’s requests for final document appearance and functionality.
Trainer Educates Client in the use of the Athreon system. Ensures that users feel comfortable and confident with Athreon’s technology and service features.
Customer Service Manager Ensures that day-to-day issues are addressed in a timely manner on behalf of the Client once the project enters the maintenance phase.
Voice Recognition Specialist Determines whether Client’s dictators are candidates for voice recognition (VR). Integrates VR where it improves workflow.
Client Team
Role Responsibilities
Project Manager Primary point of contact for Athreon. Authorized decision maker who supplies Athreon with necessary deliverables to complete the project.
Technical Contact Technical specialist who grants Athreon access to necessary systems to install software, troubleshoot, and offer technical assistance.
Implementation Phases
To ensure a successful implementation, Clients are moved through several phases. Each phase allows Athreon and the Client to reach a series of milestones that culminate in achieving a mutually agreed upon objective. Each phase is distinct and clearly delineates specific steps, while allowing room for
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