Service Industry Analysis - Apple

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Service Industries Critical Analysis

Service Companies Chosen for Analysis: Apple and Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Apple and HP are both multinational corporations that are widely known for producing consumer electronics and software. Both companies are considered to be one of the largest companies in their market, and would be considered to be competitors of each other. With the products and services that they offer being similar, they would be ideal companies for a critical analysis against each other. Both companies implement different strategies, with both leading to their success.
Over the years of the company’s existence, Apple has built for itself a strong and powerful reputation within the personal computer and consumer
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Compatibility becomes an issue when trying to transfer files between computers with different operating systems. Compatibility also plays an issue with hardware. It is not possible to connect Apple computers to projectors without purchasing an adaptor from Apple. This forces users to purchase extra products that are required for students and working people.
A major strength that Apple has over its competitors is their reputation for high quality products, which are both functional and well designed. Apple is known to have some the most well designed products on the market during the time frame, and they have yet to fail in that aspect. They are said to have some of the “best looking” products available in the market. When it comes to the marketing aspect of their products, they would be the leading company in the personal computer industry. Everybody is familiar with Apple, and what kind of products and services they offer. In 2006, Apple released a series of commercials of “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” advertisements. In these commercials, they insinuated that PC users are boring and old while Mac users are trendy and modern.
Apple also has a reputation of overpricing their products, and so this may be a major weakness, but at the same time is just a part of their marketing. Apple offers a small range of high quality products for a higher price. Apples main competition tends to have very competitive prices, which Apple seems to be
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