Service Learning : A Community

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Q1.1) Service learning involves a concerted approach to both serve the community and to develop the individual through services. General volunteering involves just serving the community. For example, volunteering at soup kitchen begins and ends with what one does at the soup kitchen. Service learning does not being and end with the service rendered. In addition to serving the community, there is an element of reflection. The reflection involves introspection, in an effort to develop personally, and thinking about the responsibility the individual has to the community, as well as thinking of ways to better serve the needs of the community. For example, the students who volunteered at the Milagro Center not only helped out children, but were made more aware of the needs of kids in the community. Without that experience, combined with reflection, they would not have the opportunity to help the community, learn about their community, and see ways to help better their community. This helps the community and fosters a connection between the students and the community. In that example, the experience helped those students teach the children about how to live healthier lives, because they knew how to communicate to these children and the needs of those children. Therefore, volunteering only represents a fraction of service-learning.
Q1.2) Part of service learning is forming a connection to the local community and thinking about ways to better the community in which one resides.
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