Service Learning Case Study

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Introduction Service-learning is a new phenomenon that many colleges, communities, and organizations are becoming deeply involved with. With this being so new there are many definitions and perceptions about service-learning. With multiple perspectives on this community-building program there is one outcome; students gain insightful experience into the workforce in building their communities up. Often this is also referred to as experiential learning. By coupling classroom instruction to the real world experiences the students gains a much better viewing point than ever before. This provides a pathway to success for the student in the community. Service-learning has helped and will continue to help students find the work that they like to build a future for themselves. This…show more content…
The advisement phase would help to identify under-preparedness of students, define identity development issues, observing shifts in attitudes, document shifts in family dynamics, and, treating emotional damage (Lewis University, 2016). The advisor would know certain criteria for the students if they knew what to look for and knew how to measure this criteria. Service-learning also provides a way of separating the traditional learning in comparison to the actual in classroom training. Service-learning is an ideal instructional pedagogy for the candidates who want to become engaged learners, reflective practitioners, and overall successful in life (Thomas, K. M., & Landau, H., 2002). According to the CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education, service-learning is about experiential education and learning. Students engage in activities that address human and community needs together with structured opportunities intentionally designed to promote student learning and development (Mitstifer, D. I., pg.414, 2012). The hyphen between service and learning is not a grammar requirement, but rather a symbolic representation of the relationship between service and learning
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