Service Learning Course At The St. Louis Crisis Nursery

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This service learning course has provided me with an insight to core values and characteristics that pharmacists need to possess to become true health care providers. I volunteered at the St. Louis Crisis Nursery this semester for my community outreach portion. My first trips to the Crisis Nursery were filled with initial prejudices and thoughts about how horrible this situation this was going to be. I remember being terrified to get out of my car to walk up to the building, let alone actually interact with these children and parents. The small town I am from, was not socially or ethnically diverse. I also attended a private school where many people we well off financially and I stayed friends with many of these people when I attended High School. I was reluctant to listen to the parent’s stories or honestly, feel any sense of compassion or empathy for them. I felt that they likely put themselves into the situation and that they could get out of it on their own too. However, as I continued to attend volunteering at the nursery, my outlook changed drastically. I actively engaged with the children and formed relationships within the small amount of time I was there. I talked to the parents and began to feel sorry for the situations they were put into. I actually looked forward to my weekly visits to either play outside, read to, or even be a jungle gym for the children. Empathy is something that cannot be taught, but it can be something one can learn- which is exactly my

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