Service Learning Paper

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Service Learning Paper

Fox Valley Humane Association Service Learning Project
I decided to start volunteering at the local humane society because I’ve always been really passionate about animals and wanted to start benefiting them in the community. Prior to my service I was delighted because I’ve wanted to start volunteering for years and was glad the opportunity had presented itself. Throughout my experience I learned a great deal and met a lot of new people. Even though I’ve only just started serving my time at the Fox Valley Humane Association I can truly see the difference it has made in the community.
I started out by attending an orientation for new volunteers. During this time I filled out
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He came to the shelter seeking to find his cat. He told me how he had decided to end things with his girlfriend and that the day after his cat was missing. Turns out his girlfriend proceeded to break into his house and steal his cat along with all the cats’ things. I had to break the news that she had brought the cat here to be euthanized. I then helped him gather his Louie Viton cat carrier (Goes to show how much he truly loved his cat), his beloved cat’s toys, blanket, and bed. This guy was a mess and it was very hard to experience. This concludes that along with all of the many good memories that came out of the volunteering experience at the shelter it isn’t all rainbows and smiles.
I learned many things from my experience while volunteering at the Fox Valley Humane Association. One of those is how much my time really does matter. While completing tasks like laundry, dishes, greeter, and collecting donations out at the mall I realized how much one person can contribute. By helping out with these tasks I prevented the staff from doing it. If volunteers weren’t present someone would still need to do the work which would have been taking away from staff duties. The staff has other duties to tend to such as tending sick animals, preforming spaying and neutering, declawing, and working at the desk. These are important to the animal’s health and if the staff were always busy completing tasks volunteers do there wouldn’t be time to tend
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