Service Learning Project

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On average on 26% of Americans volunteer, this surprised me on how low this number truly was. I now understand why community service is required for most classes, because without us kids out volunteering the numbers would be substantially lower. This proves to be true by a study done by Debra Blum shows that hot spots for volunteer work is in college towns, such as Provo, Madison, Wisconsin and Iowa City, Iowa. To me this is pointing out that people that have higher education are more likely to give back to their communities. This can be explained with certain theories that will be broken down later in the essay along with other materials. While doing community service there were a few ideas or concepts that came right out at me. The one that I noticed the most was conformity (page 473), this was most prominent in the high school setting. For an example there was a group of kids and they wanted a pop, except one of the kids just wanted a water since he just got done playing a game. And all of his “friend” started to bash on him for not getting a pop like all the others, this led to the kid giving in and getting a pop. In a way that got me thinking about that kids personality traits (pg. 345), and how he conformed so easily to his friends opinions. I later went on to volunteering at a local nursing home and that is when obedience (pg. 475) was most prominent. Everyone there was very responsive and willing to comply with whoever was in charge and in my opinion obedience
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