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Service Learning Project When I began my Civics class, thinking it potentially difficult and boring, I did not initially look forward to this project. However, as I did each activity, I found myself enjoying each and every one. From sitting in a board meeting to collecting trash, I discovered something new in all of the ways I volunteered. Not only did the people I volunteered for gain something through my service, but I feel that I gained a lot as well.
The first activity I completed was observing a Davidson County School Board meeting on the topic of an information breach that occurred. I took notes throughout the meeting and supported every teacher that spoke about their concerns. Collecting trash around the Ledford High School campus, both the football and baseball stadiums on two different occasions, was the next activity I completed. I then helped to paint a set for the Ledford Production of The Music Man. When the Special Olympics was held at Ledford, I decided to use that opportunity to become a buddy. I took the athlete and his family that I was paired with around to the different games that were offered, and got him water and snacks when he needed it. I was also a buddy for multiple athletes at the Miracle League of High Point. I assisted and encouraged each child as they batted, ran the bases, and played in the outfield in every game. I chose to attend the School Board meeting because I was interested to see how the release of Davidson County employee information affected their lives. My mother is a teacher, and I was curious if other employees shared her concerns
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I truly hope that the services I did provided even the smallest amount of help to my community, because I enjoyed every minute of it. Although I was not looking forward to this project, I would definitely do it again and I will continue to volunteer in the
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