Service Learning Project : The Service Of A Medical Student

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Service Learning Project Hospitals are a great way for a medical student to serve the community as well as gain valuable experience in their future field. For this reason, I have spent around forty hours from the end of the summer up until now volunteering at HonorHealth hospital. I volunteered as a transporter, what this means is that I move equipment, medical documents and lab samples around the hospital. I also help discharge patients by pushing them in a wheelchair to their car. Through this experience I was able to make life easier on people who were vulnerable and trying to recover as well as the busy staff member who treated them. I had many interactions with people and by from this I have a better understanding of impact my service had. I will be discussing: How psychology can explain social interaction, how outside factors can influence a person 's sense of self, how behaviors and situations can help you understand a person, the importance of communication as well as focus, and the environment shapes the organization.
Using Psychology to Explain Specific Interactions Over the course of my volunteering I had many patient interactions and before escorting them out of the hospital I could see how the doctor affected their behavior. Many patients after being treated are still scared and unsure of what is happening, the doctors and nurses are very patient and encouraging this helps ease their worries. Even after I escort them out sometimes they still ask me what I
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