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New Service Line Development Plan Feasibility of developing an orthopedic center The needs assessment done previously shows that orthopedic cases are expected to climb by 46%, with a 30% increase in inpatient joint and spine procedures. As well, it is expected that outpatient joint and spine procedures are expected to increase by 350%. These numbers show that within the defined market area, there is a high demand for the orthopedic center. Further research shows that the other 2 hospitals that we are in direct competition with provide strong orthopedic programs; however, both facilities are private hospitals, thereby increasing the demand for a strong orthopedic program at Trinity. We are finding that because of our prime location…show more content…
We currently have 2 groups of physicians who are moving into the area. One group has already secured office space to open a branch orthopedic practice adjacent to the Trinity campus, which would help lead us towards that integrated health system. As well, we will be more able to provide quality healthcare programs to more patients. At Trinity, we are striving towards providing an orthopedic program that will guarantee decent healthcare to all citizens within the community. Existing Service lines The surgical unit at Trinity would be complementary to the new orthopedic center in that we have surgical units that are equipped with the latest digital equipment and robotic surgery. As well, we have the facilities within our surgical unit to accommodate the increase in orthopedic cases. It is believed that the surgical facilities are why we are attracting groups of orthopedic practices that want to locate closer to Trinity and are applying for privileges to our hospital. We currently provide 20 operating rooms and have all basic support services necessary to compliment the orthopedic program, such as: basic x-ray, 2 CT scanners and one MRI scanner, nuclear medicine, ultrasound services, and we also have a mobile PET scanner, which is available 2 days per week. Our greatest strength is a competent and dedicated nursing staff which boasts a greater than 75% orthopedic nursing certification rate. We may not

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