Service Line Development Task 2

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When analyzing the community health assessment several risks and weakness are identified. There are a few risks and weakness with the current state of Oncology Services. With physicians practices already at capacity there is no room to handle the current and future demand for these services. With an aging population new cancer cases are expected to increase by 34 % in five years. Higher smoking rates also contribute to new cancer diagnosis. Another risk is the equipment to diagnose and treat cancer is not keeping up with patient volume. This could be due to antiquated equipment that takes longer to scan patients therefore delaying results and sometimes requiring additional scanning. Additionally, poorly coordination of services by…show more content…
As with cancer and orthopedics there will be a large increase in demand for cardiovascular services in the next five years. As obesity increase there will be an increase in high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes which will lead to an increase in cardiovascular services. A risk would be not securing the funding to add the additional cath labs, surgical suites, and cardiac rehab program. Without these services the hospitals will not be able accommodate the growth. Another risk is recruiting enough qualified physicians to provide care to the growing population. Because no emphasis is placed on education cardiac risk factors, healthy living, and lifestyle modification the demand for these services will increase dramatically becoming a weakness of the hospital. Currently there is no formal oncology, orthopedic, or cardiology programs at Trinity although there are a few orthopedic surgeons and cardiologists that maintain privileges at the hospital. There are no cancer specialists that practice at the hospital but a group composed of eight medical oncologists and two radiation oncologists has expressed interest in an affiliation to develop a cancer program. Should the hospital decide to develop this program there is adequate vacant space on the campus that is suitable for medical and radiation oncology. Currently the hospital is not addressing the needs of the community
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