Service Literature Review

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This chapter discusses literature review of theories and models and conceptual framework which is evidence of the study variables - Quality of service and customer satisfaction. The definition of Service, quality, customer satisfaction, the concept of quality of service, and the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction is briefly discussed. 2.2 Theoretical Review 2.2.1 Service The concept of service comes from business literature. Many researchers have proposed different definitions of service. Ramaswamy (1996) defined service as "business dealings that take place between the service provider (Donor) and the receiver (Client) to produce a result that satisfied the customer. According to Lovelock & Wirtz (2011) services are economic activities provided by one party to another. in exchange of money, time and effort, service customers expect the value of access to property, labor, professional skills, facilities, networks and systems; but they do not normally take ownership of the physical elements…show more content…
Whereby, Gronroos (1990) pointed out that A service is an activity or series of activities more or less intangible nature that normally, but not necessarily be done in collaboration between employees and / or customer service provider's systems and services, provided as solutions to customer problems. According to Lakhe and Mohanty (1995) A production system where they are transformed, processed and value of different entries added to produce certain products that have utility for service seekers, not only in an economic sense, but to sustain the life of the human system in general, even may be for the sake of pleasure. Meanwhile Kotler defines service as "an intangible act or benefit that party to another offer that is not reflected in the ownership of anything" (Kotler & Keller, 2009, p.
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