Service Management Essay

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The Nature of Services Learning Objectives      Classify a service into one of four categories using the service process matrix. Describe a service using the four dimensions of the service package. Discuss the managerial implications of the distinctive characteristics of a service operation. Discuss the insights obtained from a strategic classification of services. Discuss the role of a service manager from an open-systems view of service. An Integrated Approach to Service Management The Eight Components • Product Elements • Place, Cyberspace, and Time • Promotion and Education • Price and Other User Outlays + Process + Productivity and Quality + People + Physical Evidence Require the…show more content…
adio station Police protection Lighthouse Banking Public Highway Long-distance phone calls Theater series tickets Transit pass Sam’s Wholesale Club Airline frequent flyer Restaurant Pay phone Toll highway Movie theater Public transportation Strategic Service Classification (Customization and Judgment) Extent to Which Service Characteristics Are Customized Extent to Which Personnel Exercise Judgment in Meeting Customer Needs High Low Surgery Low Taxi services Gourmet restaurant Education (large classes) Family restaurant Telephone service Hotel services High Preventive health programs Public transportation Spectator sports Retail banking Cafeteria Movie theater Institutional food service Strategic Service Classification (Nature of Demand and Supply) Extent of Demand Fluctuation over Time Extent to which Supply Is Constrained Wide Narrow Electricity Peak demand can usually be met without a major delay Insurance Telephone Legal services Banking Hospital maternity unit Laundry and dry cleaning Tax preparation Peak demand regularly exceeds capacity Police emergency Fast food restaurant Passenger transportation Movie theater Hotels and motels Gas station Strategic Service Classification (Method of Service Delivery) Availability of Service Outlets Nature of Interaction between Customer and Service Organization Customer travels to service
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