Service Marketing Encounters

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I have evaluated six encounters with a variety of industries; they are all from the service sector. A service sector business is one in which the perceived value of the offering to the buyer is determined more by the service rendered than the product offered.

The services I encountered have various levels of intangibility. For example, my service encounter at Odeon cinemas included physical aspects such as the theatre, popcorn, and tickets. However, with the telephone banking service encounter there is almost no tangible aspect.
The services I encountered also varied in the separability of the buyer and provider. For services such as going to the hairdressers, it is essential for the
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Satisfaction is defined as the consumer's fulfilment response; it is a judgement whether the service provides a pleasurable level of consumption–related fulfilment.

‘Staffords' satisfactory service provision relies on their attitude to customer quality, they aim for 100% satisfaction in every encounter. They have built their strategies around their understanding of customer expectations. Impeccable service can be achieved by behaviours such as adaptability, spontaneity, coping, and recovery.

‘Staffords' employees are very responsive to customers' needs and requests. The adaptability of the service delivery system is central to the satisfying experience. Customers who go to hairdressers are very different and require different variations of the same service, these individual needs put demands on the service. Individuals require a customised service; ‘Staffords' hairdressers must cut and dye hair to the desires of each individual customer. This customised service may become routine to hairdressers, but as consumers, we perceive the service to be special and therefore extremely satisfying. When ‘Staffords' meet customers' requirements, it can arouse intense satisfaction because new hairstyles often make people feel very good about themselves. ‘Staffords' employees understand that their ability to be flexible is a major source of customer fulfilment. As well as offering an adaptable approach to hairstyling, ‘Staffords' also offers an adaptable service by
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