Service Marketing Essay

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1. Introduction

2. Overview of Theories

3. Cases Discussing

4. Conclusion

5. Reference

6. Appendix:

6.1 6 Journal entries

6.2 CRA for Report

1. Introduction In the modern sociality, people spend long time in their areas, therefore they do not have enough knowledge or time to do or work in other areas. Since this problem is appeared, service is becoming more important than old days when especially the world always developing fast. As many sociologists believe when the community is developing, the service industries will increase rapidly. Therefore, the more developed countries had higher percentage of service industries. In this essay, it will give the ideas of the description for two marketing theories of flower of
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On the other hand, companies may use the lower price, because they only had lower value for their consumers compare with other companies. And the Value can be in many types in different areas and different faces, such as the quality of service, the power of brand…etc. For example, the Mercedes-Benz can match the social status of the customers, the customers also have brand loyalty, and they think that drive Mercedes-Benz is a kind of way to show their wealth. Therefore, the customers may accept the higher price. Figure 2: Pricing strategy
3. Cases Discussing There are two case studies from the journals and to analyse by flower of service and pricing strategy.
Case 1. The first example is Landmark Chinese restaurant which is a Cantonese style restaurant located in Sunnybank Plaza. In lunch time between 10am to 4pm, it provides the special food style which called “YUM CHA”. It is different from the traditional Chinese restaurant. You can select the Chinese side dishes and even the deserts which you like when the waiters push the dining car near your seat as the table service. In this case, the core of the flower is the food for the restaurant. In addition, it provides attaching service to make your meal feeling more comfortable way.
Information- In the information service, there is a card to record the price and menu information.
Payment-When finishing the meal, the customers also can choose diversify
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