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Sales Project On JAWED HABIB Submitted to: Prof Subhashish Dasgupta Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad PGDM Trimester IV (Batch 2010-12) Continuous Evaluation in Service Marketing Submitted By: Pooja Iyer 1011012006 PREFACE This report is written so that an understanding of jawed habib can be understood easily. This report is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the above mentioned firm. This is a sales report and so covers only the general information regarding the firm and its services. The report also touches upon the competitor’s knowledge, customer’s knowledge and distributor’s policy. All the parts in the report have been written in English as it is the most understandable formal language. The…show more content…
* Become the safest destination for franchise investment. * Be present in every worthwhile mall. * Be within the walking distance of every important airport, railway and sophisticated bus junctions. * Build centres at a 30 minutes walking distance from each other. * Become a publicly traded company on major stock exchanges of the world. * Become a Blue Chip Company that offers dividends from year one, at a rate higher than the bank's fixed deposit interest rate. Brand Core Values * Bring contemporary hair cuts and styling to the fashion and quality conscious segment of the middle class. * Make designer hair cuts and styling affordable by stripping away ambience frills. * Add value to the grooming of the patron in a holistic manner through subtle suggestions and training of hair stylist. * Be the first to bring, fashion trends in haircuts, styling and hair care breakthroughs. * Use the best possible material and ingredients. * Maintain international standards of hygiene even in small cities and towns. * Create work environment where individual and team creativity and performances are encouraged and rewarded in a just and transparent manner. * Become the first choice place for patrons, franchisees and employees. * Achieve a smile on franchise partners face all the time by providing excellent support and honest projections. * Become a great fun place to work at. * Become

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